Material Library import from Excel into Revit

Hi all,

I am fairly new to Dynamo and still learning the basics.

My goal is to develop and/-or use existing script that would allow me to import material library from Excel into Revit. It must contain not only the name, but also range of parameters.

I have searched and reviewed couple of solutions which I found on the forum, but none of them seems to fulfill the requirements. The closest one I am testing now is this:

Thanks to Alban_de_Chasteigner’s Dynamo package Genius Loci it works fine. I have managed to add a list of unique materials, however, I do not know how to implement other nodes to add the parameters mentioned before.

Can anyone, please, guide me through this process, if there is a solution of course?

Create Material From Excel_Dynamo V2.dyn (26.8 KB)


I am not sure you will get an answer to this.

I was trying to do something similar and I have hit a similar problem. I can create the name and the class.

I can export to an excel sheet the description field.

I was wanting to populate the other fields but I hit the problem that I could not find the values for the fields / attributes / parameter for all the possible values within the Material.Identity page. I can right to all the fields in the Materials.Ggraphics page.

I am not sure I would want to make adjustments to the Material.Appearance page from an excel sheet at this point. IN principle it should be feasible but you would need to determine if it were a duplicate material or replace with an existing material.

In principle it should be relatively simple to set a parameter value tied to material id number.

I was using the Genius Loci addon with Revit 2021. Hopefully in later versions of Revit more parameters may become visible.

If someone could advise the parameter name to call to allow the required parameters to be set this would be helpful to all. These may be available in later version of Revit so we may be stuck at the moment only being able to right to some and not all of the required parameter fields.

It might get fixed when they fix the material annotating tagging that stops the question marks appearing for materials with defined content.

If you get any further with this let me know I would be interested in hearing if you get any further.