Exporting FFE parameters to spec sheets

I have never used dynamo before and I want to know if it would be a good option for a specific application.

I have a large project in revit with a large very detailed FFE package. I have set up my furniture and equipment schedule in revit, but I also want each FFE item to be able to export to an individual sheet for the spec that would need to be formatted quite a bit (i can’t upload an attachment to show you exactly what it would look like because apparently new users can’t upload attachments)

Basically my question is this:
Can dynamo take the FFE info from my revit model and spit that info out onto individual sheets (word, revit, or excel) for each FFE item? If so can that info be formatted into our standard sheets for us to put in our spec?

I hope this make sense…
any info would be greatly appreciated.

Yes this is doable.

Manually or via a semi- automated method attach parameters to the FFE items, including all the info and parameters you want. You may be able to automate much of this vuaing a previous project.

Generate a schedule for most of the ‘header content, including any images you want to use. Use a or tag for the paragraphs, and perhaps a legend or keynote for any repeated bits of info.

Create a Revit view for any desired pieces. Best to just have users dimension these manually rather than trying to do ‘automatic’ as furnishings tend to be too all over the place to work.

Set up sheets for each, and place the schedule, legend, keynotes, tag’s, views, and desired titleblock on them.

Each of those is an achievable goal, but none are ‘starter’ projects by any means. Could be done with it in a month or so if you dedicate the time. Best to begin by reading the Primer and doing each exercise in its entirety. Skip nothing - even if you think you won’t need the ‘goal’ you will want the concepts used. Ask here in a new forum post if you have questions or get stuck on an exercise.

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