Help with finding the right package so the nodes work again

Hello guys,
A while back I made this dynamo “script”. My problem today is that I do not remember which package i downloaded to get the node i used. Without knowing what package this node is in I cannot get the dynamo script to work. Can somebody help me with that?

The nodes i’m trying to find is:

  • Element.FilterByLevel
  • GetParameterAsValueString

What i am trying to do with the script is getting information from all the spaces in one specific level, and then exporting that information out to excel.

Hi @Avdyl_istrefi,

You can use the View Extension Monocle to find the packages in use.

Workspace references might be a better option. Open the graph in the latest version of Dynamo Sandbox or Dynamo for Revit 2022 and see what happens

I can not find the nodes, but here is the OOTB solution,

Filter by Level.dyn (15.4 KB)

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