How to determine which package an unknown node belongs to?

I have updated Revit 2019 to 2019.1.

If I assume it right, it has installed Dynamo 2.0 as well.
So I have to install packages for 2.0, but I have some difficulties to determine the packages of “red-marked” nodes, which are present in my previous scripts.

Sometimes there are very similar nodes of different packages, but one works for the script, the other doesn’t, so I would like to find the exact same node definition.

Do you have any good method for this?

Thanks in advance,

The ‘what the node’ node in rhythm should work for the most common ones.

After that, you can open your old graph in 1.x with your previous library and right click on it to find the package properties.

Also, why not just rebuild what you had. Try to look in your old 1.x library, And download the latest version of each from the package manager.


Thanks Jacob!

“What the node” sounds interesting, I might look into that.
Usually I just rebulild it (replace the node with an installed one), I was just a bit confused, because the node I was looking for (Rhythm - Element.Room) node was renamed (to FamilyInstance.Room) in the 2.0 version, and I couldn’t find the previous one, that’s why I was looking for the exact Element.Room node.

But now it’s all good, thanks!

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Hey, have a free extension for dynamo which will list all the packages used, it can also ‘tag’ every node with it’s package. It works with 1.3 you have to go to the DOGE tab and put in your email etc.

My 1.3 is full of stuff that I don’t necessarily use anymore (DanEDU has been superceded by Orchid etc.) so I’m installing packages as I need to…

Hope that helps,