Help with 'family type set compound layer material' Dynamo

Hello. I’m very new to this dynamo thing and coding. I’m looking for some help with applying the ‘family type set compound layer material’ from the clockwork package to act over a list of all the wall types in a Revit file.
The purpose of this is to develop some standard wall thicknesses with similar properties.

I can get the node to function on a single wall (see 1st image), but i have about 300 thicknesses and wish to replicate this over several different types and i don’t fancy F5-ing my way through 1200+ walls.

the issue i have is that the function only runs the first wall form the list ‘all elements of type’ node (see 2nd image) is there a way to make the ‘family type set compound layer material’ node repeat through line by line of the list of element (wall) types?

Hi @jack.mathieson

Change lacing to longest at familyTypesetcompound…:slight_smile:

Thank you, but I’m not sure how to do that, what lists am i combining? is this within the familyTypesetcompound node?