Extracting & using unique results from a list

Hi all,
I am chasing some advice regarding a portion of a script you can see below.
In short, I am trying to plug my resultant filtered family types (seen under the List.UniqueItems node) into the ‘familyType’ input on the FamilyType.SetCompoundLayerMaterial node. Obviously I could just pick result #0, 1 etc from the list using a code block and input them one by one, but this is inefficient and I’m fairly sure there is an easier way. Ideally, I would like to input all of the family types into the final node and have all of their material changed at once.
Does anyone have any advice on this topic, such as nodes or codes I should try using?
Thanks in advance,

Hi @hayden.wright

How many Layer index have you got for those types? What happens when you connect all the types?