Help with creating my first graph

Hello All,

I’m working on my first attempt at creating a graph for some automation. The intent of this graph will be to use a linked dwg file to create the initial framing plans at the start of the project. I’ve figured out how to extract the necessary linework from the dwg file and use it to place beams in the model. I have also isolated and created a list of framing members to be used from the dwg file. The first hurdle I am having is filtering out of the list the duplicate notation of beam sizes and filtering out the text string values that are not “beam” related. Once that list has been cleaned of the irrelevant information, I’d like to use that list to load the framing members into the project if not all ready loaded. Searching the internet led me to some older post that offered a solution to a similar problem someone else had been seeking help on, but the nodes and packages offered up in thoses posts have evolved and I can not locate the new versions. Here is my graph as it currently stands.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Kyle_Roseman ,

What exactly do you want your endpoint to look like?
Do you want to filter your curves by your layer names (if they contain “xyz”)?

Hi @Daan,

I’m not sure what you mean with the endpoint question or the curve question. Currently what I’m trying to filter is some actual acad text content, id “W12x10” vs “5’-0"”. Using the CADTextData.FromLayers and CADTextData.TextValue nodes I’ve created a list with all the of the text strings in the linked cad file, what I’d like to do is clean any duplicate values out of the list and filter out the list items that don’t define a beam size like the dimension line texts and other notes. Once this list is cleaned up the goal is to use that list to load and place the beams.

I’ve slowly made some progress on this graph. I have figured out how to get my list of stings separated out to sub-lists, which I believe is necessary to be able to filter the non-pertinent strings out but am still having some difficulties in solving the next step of removing any of the sub-lists containing strings that are not “labels” for the beam sizes. I’ve tried using List.Filter with List.Contains to define the condition but I get an error message when I go that route, see the 2nd pic. I can post my graph and support files if necessary upon request.