Batch linking DWGs to drafting view

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I put this together and it looks like it’s only linking in one of my 25 DWGs – how can I fix this? It shows them in the list, but only links one of them. Thoughts?

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Are you using the longest lacing on the node ?
Can you show a screenshot of your graph ?

In the ‘GetDirectoryContents’ node? Yes, I changed that. Should another one be changed too? Here’s a screenshot.

On the Link Dwg node :

Perfect – thank you! That worked!

If I want to change the scale of the import to be in mm, how would I change that? I think they’re coming in in m.

On the Link Dwg node the last input : Unit is precisely there for that purpose.
Look at the outputs of the Enumerate DWG import options

Thank you, yes, I did look at that, but wasn’t sure how the numbers in the Code Block correlates. I changed it to ‘1’ and they dwgs came in larger. Apologies if this is an easy/obvious thing – still pretty new to Dynamo. Each of the dwgs are coming in Origin to Origin, it seems, but is there a way to manipulate so they come in in a kind of matrix? (separate question altogether – I appreciate your help!)

x[0] is a short cut for the List.GetItemAtIndex node.

Please start a new topic for this new subject. (It’s out of the context of the original question)

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Okay, perhaps I stay within the original topic actually – @Alban_de_Chasteigner, is there a way to link all of these DWGs and simultaneously create a Drafting View for each based on the file name? So, instead of coming into one view, the script creates one Drafting View per file?

(In this previous instance, I was linking into a floor plan and creating dependents based on Scope Boxes, but that was based on a prior requirement.)

Split this into its own topic as the use while similar to the old the conversation felt different enough from the other one that others would likely benefit from a solution here which tracks differently from the prior (the downfall of only one solution per thread).


Will do!