Help to adjust a list with "ReplaceByCondition" node

(OT: My english is kind of poor yet, so if I sound rude or something like that, it is because I’m still learning to write propperly, but i can read and listen without difficulties.:slight_smile: )
Hello everyone!
I’m pretty new to Dynamo and i’m trying to extract a list from “ReplaceByCondition” node as image below as exercise:

My goal is getting a new list whose all of its items with value greater than 0.6m be replaced with this same value. But just what I accomplished is a list that replaced all itens with 0.6. What I’m doing wrong here?

By indeed, this is my first topic in the forum and I didn’t found a similar topic. If it existis, i can delete this, no problem.


You’re mixing conditions with conditional statements. You can either use ReplaceByCondition or an If statement.


Thank you, Nick! I’ll try it this way!