Help on filtering Nulls from data shapes

Hi All

Im after help and guidance on a Dynamo script I am creating, this is my first ever script, so go easy.

Im essentially trying to use data shapes to pull up a user form to populate sheet information and some project information.

When I populate every area of the formating of data, all is good; however, when only partially populating the form, I get several nulls which errors.

I have tried to list transpose and others, but I don’t understand this enough.

Guidance would be gratefully appreciated.

103 test.dyn (153.6 KB)

Hello…your could try some function apply…



Thanks for the advice. Are you using a special package to get the List.ReplaceNull node?

Also, both my code blocks error when I input as you have them


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Yes sorry , forgot to mention its from clockwork…in your codeblock just remove 1…its recourse i use a newer version dynamo than you…Here is an example how you can control empty list, empty string and nulls… hope it will help :wink:

replace null empty list.dyn (16.9 KB)

What do you want to do when the user skips an input? I would suggest either replacing the nulls with an empty string or assigning the existing values instead. That way you don’t even have to deal with nulls.