Data-Shapes - error

First of all some data:

  • Data-Shapes 2017.4.53
  • Revit 2016 latest and 2017 latest.
  • Dynamo (latest)

What goes wrong. Well I get output errors. Sometimes. Not always. But when it goes wrong, it keeps going wrong.

Any clues?

Hi @3Pinter ,
can you please show the list you’re using for the keys / values of the dropdown?

Hi @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi,

Sure thing! Your question and looking at the input values made me wonder if an ‘empty’ value could trigger the error?

Anyways trying to clear the input list didn’t work. See Screeny.

Yes I was able to reproduce the exception. It is indeed linked to the empty string you’re trying to use as a key. To me it’s actually logical for keys to not be empty for the users to understand better.

I partly agree with you, and I got the same results testing with a non-empty list.

To solve I can filter bool with “==” empty but … what if I’d like to alter a dropdown list which has no value.

So a dropdown list that shows let’s those which are empty and you wanna change those. That can happen.
Food for thoughts?

I see what you mean.
If the purpose is to do something to all empty string then maybe it’s not necessary to have a user point out those elements because they’re already isolatable.
But still, if you want to show the empty strings in the dropdown, how about this (replacing “” with " "):

Yup, that for sure is a decent alternative.

Thanks your help and an awesome plugin (especially with R17 + player)!

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My pleasure! :slight_smile:

@Mostafa_El_Ayoubi is it true that data-shapes do not support dynamo sandbox?

Hi @Peter_Kompolschek ,
yes for now UI.MultipleInputForm++ doesn’t work in the sandbox because of the reference calls. I had forgotten about this issue and haven’t really tried to work on it. But I think I’ll take a look at it this week. I’ll keep you posted if I do.

tx peter