Dynamo: Intersection


The problem faced by me is that I wish to intersect the lines ( which were generated by intersecting planes using a bounding box with the surface I have) , but it only seems that there are five points . Isn’t it logical to believe that the lines , since they intersect the same surface ( which has no thickness) is supposed to give me a bunch of points to place adaptive components ? Any help would be appreciated also attaching the files

defination_1 problem1 Project-1

OK , I had forgotten to enable cross product lacing , but I still end up not getting a few pointsproblem2

Hi Haldar,

Are you working in millimeters and what is the size of your surface?

I’ve been experiencing similar behavior with very large surfaces, especially when working in millimeters.

One solution is to switch to meters. Another is to scale down your initial geometry and then scale up the end result.




Hi ,

I’m really sorry for the late reply . I am working in millimeters, and yes the surface is very large.

I got the meters thing going now and it works fine for me


@Indrajeet_Haldarm The ASM scaling issue (https://github.com/DynamoDS/Dynamo/pull/6991) is fixed in 1.2.3.xxxx builds available on http://dynamobim.org/. The test above is fixed with new scaling applied. Please retest and let us know.