Curve.PlaneAtParameter not working for dynamo 0.8.0

Hi guys,

I am trying to create planes at equal distances using “Curve.PlaneAtParameter” . My node seems not working.
I am using dynamo 0.8.0.
My program looks something like this …

the video tutoril that i am following has a different output for the same node…


Looks like it’s because they are on a different version than you. Try changing lacing to longest and see if that makes this work as is.

Any reason you can’t update? 0.8 was a LONG time ago.

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Hi jacob,

Thanks that worked. I would’nt update since the versions after 0.8.0 do not show 3d display in my system.
I am not a technical guy,I do not know what the problem is . I have tried several things to get it right but it does not work.
I am using AMD Radeon Graphics card.

anyway thanks a lot for your help!
Good day