Help delete points lie in the line

Hello everyone!
I would like to create the rebar beam in Revit with dynamo, but i can’t create it because the points lie in the line. I try to use polycuver by point but not good. Please help me to delete it. Thank you so much!!


i have calculated distance from the line and deleted using IF node.

You have multiple lines. extend this

Thank You sir! But can you help me to do like it with poly line?

Vào Th 6, 6 thg 9, 2019 lúc 19:18 Nish via Dynamo đã viết:

share your dyn file and any sample revit file.

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Thank you Sir!
Rebar1.dyn (106.3 KB)

Which package is this? and your dynamo version

Send with a little more complex shape. or do you have only this Linear shaped?

Hi sir! I am using dynamo 2.0.2 and pagke BIM 4 structures + Dynamo for rebar 2.0.2.

Please help!!’n

Vào Th 7, 7 thg 9, 2019 lúc 14:12 Nish via Dynamo đã viết:

Add one node " PolyCurve.curves" in rebar .Bycurve

See whats coming now.

Hi Nissal!
I just try it, but it not ok. I would like to make 1 rebar by polyline. Not single rebar. Please help again?


probably not possible to create one single rebar tracing that polyline.

anyone can comment on this if it is possible to do or not. :+1: