Drawing rebars for beam

I try to draw rebar for a beam and got error. Somebody please help.
I make a polycurve by joinned curve (by intersection beam and plane). I thought smth wrong here but don’t know how to fix.
Node is: Create.FromCurvesAndShape
The errors are " The multiplicities of other interior knots must be at most degree -2. parameter name: knots.
Sorry I can’t upload the file,
Bytheway when will I can upload a file?
Thank you!

@ninh1502 ,


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Can you tell us what (if any) additional packages you are using?
Or is the method you are calling part of a Python node?
What version of Revit/Dynamo are you using?


The pakage is: Structural design. Create.FromCurvesAndShape is one of it’s nodes.
I’m using Revit 2023. Dynamo 2.13
Ths for replying.

OK, got that installed. For everyone else following, the package they are referencing is:
“Structural Design” (published by Tomasz Fudala, product Manager/Technical Evangelist for Revit Structural functionality).

I know you can’t upload files and pictures don’t show everything, but maybe you can add a screenshot of your graph leading up to this node. Rebar elements in Revit are a complex collection of different Revit types, so I can understand why you may be struggling to get a result.

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I don’t know what is the error?