Help : change the view in dynamo

I’m pretty new to dynamo and I have some stuff to do at home alone for when school will open back.
My problem is that my teacher and everyone are having a 3D view in Dynamo and I don’t… (see my view of the background

I do need it for the program we’re using so does anyone knows the solution ? (I’m on a macbook air using bootcamp to have windows)

Here’s the 3D view i need

First step:

Click the View menu -> Background Preview -> available previews.

Make sure both of those are enabled.

Thanks for your answer

I can’t do anything in the view menu… sorry it’s in french

Ah didn’t see you were on a MacBook Air. You’ll have to force the system to use the dedicated graphics card (if it has one), or rely on the Revit view (which you can enable there).