Help : Adaptive component placement on multiple curve


I’ve been struggling for the last couple days to figure out how to achieve this. So i have 3 different input curves (attached) which will be the base of my adaptive components which is a louvre. The problem is when i apply my adaptive components to my definition it doesn’t produce a good transition as the curve is separated. I also attached sketch of what i am intending to make.

Later the width of this louvre will be controlled from dynamo with the base curves as the path/rail. I also tried to make the surface first and import it to dynamo then make intersection to get the line for each louvre but still the lines don’t follow the direction of the curves.

Please help.



Twisted Model Defenition with base curve

bad result

Hello Hagani Ginting,

Can you please share your Revit files, I am not able to run your graph without that.

I looks simple and doable through Dynamo.

BTW, you Adaptive component is having how many points for placement?



Hi Ritesh,

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Attached is my revit project file (containing only the curves) along with my adaptive components which has 12 adaptive points.


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Twisted Model

base curve