Helo, dynamo showes strange parameters

Helo, maybe somebody had the same situation?
Is it possible, that Dinamo puts the text information from one parameter to another in Revit?
Somehow it doesn`t funktion in my situation.

The Typ-ID values don’t seem to have the same formatting in the two Watch nodes, is that normal? Your can verify if everything is consistent with an Object.Type node. Lastly, can you show us what the warning says?

Could be because you’re trying to set your parameter value as a type, not a string or number (depending on the parameter). You’ll want to either convert the type to it’s ID or to get the type’s name.

You will have to convert the value to “String”:

Thanks dear collegues:
Here are two files for better understanding of the problem: https://ru.files.fm/u/5gs44855
Hope, this link will function.
Today I will try again your suggestions and tell you about the results!

Can you also send some screenshots of that?