ParameterType Gives odd results

Hey everyone. Trying to get into Dynamo in earnest now. I am getting unexpected results using Parameter.ParameterType. Too many things seem to be “Text”. I am guessing this is related to how Revit formats the data as opposed to actually stores the data. For example, the "Type Name: " parameter is coming up as “Text”. Is there a better way I should collect this information? Here is a side by side small snapshot of what I am seeing. Thanks for any help.

Hi Jason,
You can use this instead:


What did you expect here? I think text is a suitable storage type for a name.

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Thank you both.

To Einar - you got me. Type Name does indeed lend itself to “text”.

To Taco - thank you for parsing through my poorly worded question. That is exactly what I was looking for.