Grouping same curtain walls together


I have a whole lot of curtain walls, I need to group together the ones that are the same and push a instance parameter to them making the type. My thoughts are I need to pull the height and length from them (can do) then if they have mullions and transoms in them and if there located in the same place. Cross check all of this to make sure they are the same and group with a type. Just wondering if there is maybe a node out there I don’t know about that will check elements against each other if there exactly the same? Thanks for any advice.

Grouped Curtain walls together by height and length.

Bit stumped how to check if the vertical and horizontal grids are the same in the same grouped heights and lengths. Have a workflow from another script. Becomes complicated keeping the list structure the same with grids. So I can end up with with the dynCurtainGridLine in the curtain grid in the right order of the list. But how do I pull together the same ones. Struggling to make sense :slight_smile:

Use the List.GroupByKey node. You will have to combine your length and height into a single key, most likely by converting them both to strings and joining them together. For example, if you have curtain walls A, B, C, and D, with dimensions of 10x10, 10x8, 10x8, and 10x10, using the dimensions as your keys will give you a dictionary like this:

{“10x10”: [A, D],
 “10x8”: [B, C]}
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Thanks man, I did that in the first pic. The vertical and horizontal grids are the issue now. However weve changed the workflow on this job to use windows for simpler windows then curtain walls which has solved our issue. Would be nice to know how to match up curtain walls for future reference though

Ah, I didn’t realize that. Difficult to see on my phone at the time. Is there any specific reason why your above method didn’t do what you were intending? If some curtain walls have the exact same size, but differ in terms of their mullions, then you would have to go an extra step and get the measurements of the curtain grids as well, although I’m not sure if this is available directly through Dynamo. It’s definitely accessible through the API so you could make a custom python node in the future if you require the same solution.