Filtering Curtain Wall Door Panels


Any straight forward way of identifying from a list of Elements of Door Category which ones are Curtain Wall Doors?

One way of doing it is by looking into whether, say, the Width parameter is of Instance or Type type but I was wondering if there was a more elegant way of doing it.


you can get host id and then use Spring node WallIsCurtainWall

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I’d say: grab a parameter which is unique for doors.

Like “Sill Height”, which doesn’t exist in Curtain Panel > doors.


I like the Springs node approach @lucamanzoni. :+1:

I was trying a different approach, just to add to the thread.
Using an IF to pick which ones were instances Width or type Widths.

Using a Code Block for that.


//Create global Widths list
W=wdt_T=="" ? wdt_I : wdt_T;


//Create global Heights list
H=hgh_T=="" ? hgh_I : hgh_T;

and what if you use doors with an instance width?

Thant would work, yes. But it would entail needing to go through every single door family and edit that.
And with the fact that the type Width and Height are built in into the door templates and are somehow cumbersome to change.