Grouping List items to one Cell in Excel

Hi guys,

Need help. I have created a graph to get info from Revit sheets and put it in Excel. But need to combine it into one cell.
This shows my Drawing Number. Now I need to put this on a Specific Excel Sheet

Hope this is clear


@johan64YES I’m unable to see what your graph is because the node text isn’t visible (when taking a screen capture you need to zoom in until the text is legible; the capture will include your whole graph even if you are zoomed in and can’t see all of it) - looking at your first and third images, it seems you want to join your list of parameter values into a single string? If so using String.Join should work (disregard the group that says “list”, it is just generating a list that mimics yours to demonstrate):

Hope this helps! Apologies if I am incorrect on what you are looking for :slight_smile:


Thank you that makes sense.

This is a stupid question so I apologise but hope this makes you smile at least. But I have the List item in sequence
ie:[0] List
[8]0001 This is the standard PAS naming convention as you know. How do I take this data and transpose it to follow this
ie:8888-ASL-XX-XX-GN-S-0001 General notes. But this needs to be in one cell of excel. I can then create a field to host Page size and Revision.

In my head this makes sense hope it does for you

Thank you for your help

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I have manged to use your graph (Thank you) and got this

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One step closer but now i need them going down and not across


Got it resolved thanks to you.

Thank you

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