Grouping Dynamo nodes?

A few years ago I figured out how to Nest a group inside another group but cannot figure out how I did it. Any thoughts? (I am not speaking of Revit Groups) Open the .dyn and move the groups around and you will see I nested them with an order of operations of selection or something like that. I want to know how the heck I did this…

getting old sucks…

`BBA_Template.dyn (4.8 KB)

I didn’t think this was possible… And if it was it was probably a bug and not a feature.

Not supposed to happen. If you post the dyn with the nested group that could help.

I have faked this aesthetic with an extra note before.

It was possible for a while.

Seems to have been fixed recently though. (Not available in 2.0.3)



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Also, I wanted to say that I did like the idea of groups within groups because it could help categorize broader things like your annotation.


I feared that might be the case. @john_pierson Thank you!

Agreed. That’s basically how I’m using Iris.
Node specific actions (Iris) vs general intent (groups)

If you wanted to do some more exploring, you could look at the Raw JSON of the DYN with something like notepad++.

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Oooo … interesting idea

Another possibility is to use a couple of code blocks to make an outer group…


Hope that’s of interest,


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