Error group seems to multiply

hi there,

it seems that I have an bit of a wierd error in dynamo.
If I group nodes together to give my dynamo sqript a better layout in first it works fine.
But when I have closed the file and reopened it, the group seems to been multiplied.
The color of the group is darker, and when I rightklick and choose to ungroup, it is stil in a group, and the color gets ligther again. If I ungroup twice or more then the nodes finnally get ungrouped. Like it was in multiple groups at the same time.

Someone had the same problem, knows how to fix this?


Sorry for the bad english, and hopefully my messages is clear to understand.

Hi @Bross

What’s your revit and dynamo version?

revit 2018.3 and dynamo

Could you drop here dyn file?

vakwerken_01_a.dyn (380.2 KB)

First I had the upper section in a custom node, that’s where the sort of error begun.
So I took the nodes out of the custom node, adding them directly in my script. But still it maintains it’s awkard behavior.

Some of the groups are definitely duplicated - was this graph originally created in 2.0.2? There was a bug that was fixed where groups in custom nodes were duplicated with same guids - in your case the groups have different guids… so we don’t detect them and repair the file - not sure how they were created.

please report this on the dynamo github issues page. Can you reproduce this bug if you start with a new custom node created in 2.0.2?

ah you copied and pasted them from a custom node into a home workspace where they were given unique ids…

I have made a custom node. Than copied it back from the custom node. And even made it a custom node again. I was just testing out a lot with this one. So now I’ve created a new one in and it dues not occur again. So I would count this one as solved :wink:

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