Grid and coordinates

hi. i am new to revit and dynamo i am stuck at a simple problem and i dont know if its possible to achieve through dynamo or not.
if yes then how?

i am trying to make a grid on each floor of the building currently i have two stories but it will increase later.
and then to find coordinates of interesecting points.
i want it to be generic that it will applicable on every model that i upload. first it make a grid and then give the coordinates for each floor. the size of grid for each floor will be same.

one solution that i think is by making offsets i dont know if it will work or not.

sharing a rough sketch for reference.

Revit file.
gandc.rvt (4.0 MB)

thanks in advance.

Building a series of Isocurves on a surface representative of the lowest face of the overall project’s bounding box would give you the intial grid. You could then intersect the U isocurves against a polysurface built by extruding the V isocurves, and get a series of points. Theses poitns could be projected onto every level, or onto every sequential elevation.

The spacing of the isocurves will want to be reasonably open - if you do something like a 1’ x 1’ grid things are likley going to be rather slow due to the sheer number of points.

how can i do that in dynamo? if you can guide a little that would be very kind of you.

Isocurves can be created with this node:Dynamo Dictionary

Spacing is based on parameterization of the surface, not distance so you’ll need to convert between the two on the overall surface. This is doable as an ‘early in my dynamo journey’ graph, but if you’re really new you might want to start with going though the Dynamo primer in it’s entirety. Skip nothing: every exercise has value in the methods shown - the outcomes are not the relevant part.

and i have tried this isocurves but the problem is it is used to create a surface but in my case the surface is already created

  1. Get the surface, and spacing parameter for the isocurves.
  2. Get isocurves on the surface ( watch your lacing as you will want the U and V isocurves in separate sub-lists)
  3. Use a Geometry.Intersect node to intersect the sublist of U isocurves against the sublist of V isocurves. Watch your lacing.
  4. Pull the coordinates of the points as desired.

ByIsoCurveOnSurface.dyn (23.6 KB)
gandc.rvt (4 MB)
if you can just take a look at my script. its still not doing what I want to do.
this is only giving me one point for each edge.

Does it work for you with crossproduct??

i am only getting 8 points. these are not even visible on the surface so i am not where these isocurves are plotted.

Allright try th
ByIsoCurveOnSurface.dyn (18.1 KB)
is here…

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the grid is also outside the floor. one more thing i want to ask can i set these boxes at known distance or spacing?

not working

Hide the “curve by isocurves” nodes

please share your script

here we go…what i have done is set lacing to crossproduct…and hide the isocurve nodes…as Jacob mention in the first post…hope it will work;)
ByIsoCurveOnSurface.dyn (8.4 KB)

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thanks alot its working… can i set the scale of these lines that one box should be of 3x3

@fil Yes its possible, try a seach here on this forum and im sure there will be a lot off hits or take a look here…


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its working thanks alot.
can I get these coordinates at these intersecting point through dynamo on excel