Graphical Column Schedule

Has anyone been able to use Dynamo to manipulate tags/place tags, in a graphical column schedule.

I want to be able to tag all of the elements then place those tags directly beneath the columns. I am getting errors with the out of the box Tag nodes.

As the warning suggested, you are inputting some wrong types.
All elements in active view is quite broad selecting and you aren’t checking that the output is what you want to tag.
Input a Vector into offset and set isOffset to false.

Best practice, if it is not working with a bunch of stuff, make sure it works with one element and extend that to many once you are sure it’s working.

Thanks - in this case because it is a graphical column schedule all elements in view is only structural columns (note that I did also try it with only one element, i posted this picture because i had already deleted the other attempts and the warnings were the same). The vector should be unnecessary because there are defaults for that.
Honestly if i switch the view to a plan view this works just fine - My question is more around the graphical column schedule rather than the use of this particular node. I have used it with success in other instances.

Ok, sounds you have attempted several things…any chance you can share with us a striped Revit file so we can test it?

GCS-DynamoTest.rvt (3.0 MB)

This is a pretty basic file with just a few columns and a tag in it, in reality as soon as you switch teh view from a plan to the GCS (graphical column schedule) things go sideways -

I think even if i could just figure out how to select tags in the GCS view and manipulate their location I think that would get me close.

What I want to be able to do is take all the tags and place them directly under the columns. Note: in this test that seems easy since if you did a “tag all” on the GCS you could select all the tags at once and move manually, but in practice you’ll have columns that are different heights and the base tags won’t all be lined up.

Has anybody figured this out yet? I’m trying to tag all of the columns in a graphical column schedule twice (once for the column size and another time for the base plate information using a custom column tag). But the Tag All function appears to only work if the column isn’t already tagged. So I can tag all columns at the same time the first time. But then I have to click on each column individually for the second tag. I thought that maybe Dynamo could do the second round of tagging for me. Does that make sense?

If a quick hacky response is ok, just as a temporary fix (I have never used a GCS)… can you copy paste the tags you made, and then (while they are still selected) change their type & move?

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


That’s a good thought but you can’t copy/paste tags in the GCS like you can in plan. Revit won’t paste them in a GCS view. Thanks for the response, though!

Ok, I had a look… you’ll need a play but the ‘create independent tag’ in Genius Loci works…

The only thing that goes weird is the location points, you can’t use the column (it seems to be the view origin for them all!).

You can’t grab ‘locations’ for the existing tags, but you can grab the head positions.

If you add a bit to move the tags and change them to your other type, you should be good to go.

Hope that helps,


Graphical Column Schedule.dyn (20.2 KB)


Perfect! That works. Thanks so much, Mark!

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