Column schedules

I am wondering if we can use dynamo for creating more smart column schedules.

I use one detail component for all the column types, so my plan is to use an excel sheet to generate the detail types and place them in a special title block that has the columns table in it.

I’m hoping that we can eventually have access to the graphical column schedule and manipulate it to show column details.

I was thinking exactly the same Amin,let me know if you come out with something, and I will keep you informed too,i am not sure if this graphical column schedule editing is gonna happened,I have been talking to revit guys in autodesk since so long without any hope

Hi Mohamed Hussain,

You could use a Python node accessing the Revit API to create a new schedule using “<span style=“color: #000000;”>ViewSchedule</span><span class=“languageSpecificText” style=“color: #000000;”><span class=“nu”>.</span></span><span style=“color: #000000;”>CreateSchedule Method” you can refer to below link.</span>




Hey Kulkul,

I am not into python,but I will have a look and see. thanks alot

KulKul,I spent the week end checking python and i want to know, here it is…I am sorry for being stupid but regarding this link u sent,is it empty or I am not understanding the way it works, I am sorry, but any help will be appreciated .