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Is there a way to plot latitude longitude points on google earth using dynamo?
Right now am able to use bing map in civil 3d and input my points on it, but the problem is that since bing maps are not updated as google maps I can’t depend on it.
The attached files shows same location (latitude and longitude) in bing map and google map.
In bing map you can see that the road is not constructed but in google map the new road constructed is visible.
Hence curious to know is there a way to use google map in civil 3d instead of bing maps?

You would probably be better off using a WMS service (Web Map Service)
You can add this in Civil3D- refer following link

Either than, or a geolocated image

I’m not aware of any method to use Google maps rather than Bing in Civil3D

From those coordinates- it looks like the location is in India- so something like or a local government agency

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Maybe checkout GIS2BIM?

I don’t know whether it works for Civil? I seem to remember @JacobSmall using a Remember node to get data in from Dynamo Revit…

Hopefully that’s useful,