Giving Door Dimensions from Dynamo

I’m pretty new in Dynamo. I was wondering if I could give dimensions to the doors like in the picture.
I’ve tried Dimensions.ByElements but I got an error.
Thank you.


Hello Efecan

in the Dimension.ByElements node you need a Detailcurve or modelcurve (line) as an input for the line input
and search on the forum there are a lot of exampels on how to dimension elements.

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Hi @soysalefecan,

First of all, I’d like to welcome you and i’m happy.

As @Nico_Stegeman said, there are a lot of topics in the forum. There are also very effective nodes in the “Genius Loci” package and are very simple to use.

I’ve prepared an experimental example for you to look at below.



@Durmus_Cesur thank you for respond!
It worked, thank you…

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