Create width dimensions of walls

Hello eveyone,

I want to create a width dimension for each wall in my current view

First, I create lines of the middle section of each wall thanks to the vectors tools
Secondly, I want to use the “Dimension.ByElements” node with my walls and these lines but it fails.

Here is my dynamo :

It seems that the “Dimension.ByElements” node is not the good choice to do what I want : “ReferenceElements” requests two elements like the interior and exterior faces of each wall but it doesn’t fit. I tried without success.

Can you help me please ?

Best regards.

Hi @City_Hunter87,

This will be easier with the Dimension ByReferences node in Genius Loci package and the references nodes.


Hi @Alban_de_Chasteigner

Thanks a lot for your answer and your package. It is very helpful.

I tried to use your packages without success however I created lines to do my dimensions lines and I get each reference of wall’s side.
I guess I don’t use properly “Dimension ByReferences” Node

Can you explain me where am I wrong with your nodes please?

Thanks a lot

Hi Julien,

You missed the longest lacing on the Dimension ByReferences node.

Dimension walls.dyn (23.4 KB)

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Thanks @Alban_de_Chasteigner ! I was so close lol

Again, thanks for your package and your help !

Have a good day !

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