Getting wrong Solid shape when selecting Geometry in Revit

Hi guys,

Im currently working on a script that, as a small part of it, takes geometry from Revit to Dynamo for export to .SAT.

Everything is fine, but when it comes to Solids from “Duct_Round_Bend” it gives me a complete Donut-shaped geometry… Quite neet if you are hungry, but I only need the correct shape like 90 degree bends or so …

Do you awesome Dynamo Pioneers have any idea why this happens? Are you able to point me in the correct direction or do you even have a hot fix?

Thanks / Cheers!

Are you using Standard Revit library families or custom ones?

Can you attach a basic stripped copy of RVT file? EG (eg. pipe, bend, pipe)

Did you try Element.Geometry already?

Yes I’ve already tried Element.Geometry with the same result.

I’m stripping a model to attach

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@Ewan_Opie, here is the stripped .RVT model.(Revit 2018)

The families should be standard.