Getting views on sheets after views and sheets created

Hi, the views will only go on the sheets the second time I run the script. I’ve tried putting passthough nodes after creating the sheets and after the text notes have gone in the created drafting views. Is there anything else I can do to get it to work in one go? not sure how to use transaction end or where I would.

It’s easier for others to understand what’s going on if you upload an image of your entire script (use the export workspace as image function under the file tab).
I don’t think you actually need the transaction nodes for this (or where you put them now) since nodes that alter something in the Revit document most of the time just incorporate this in the scripts themselfs.

Ow cool man I didn’t know that! check out below :slight_smile:


You’ll need to zoom in within Dynamo until your text is readable before exporting the workspace; otherwise, all the fields get blanked out like in your image.

Don’t worry about being able to see the entire graph before you export, it’ll still grab everything.

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ah I see tricks of the trade. thanks man.

Well I replaced creating text in the drafting view with filled regions and now the first sheets views will go on… It did actually put all views on sheets once… im not sure why…

removed all the pass throughs and it worked…