Getting the Point of a Curve

Hello everyone,

Im fairly new to dynamo so bare with me.
I have created a scopeBox within this scopebox i have a few duct and flanges, tru the curve i’m able to get a point. This only seems to work on de ducts but not the flange, seems the flange don’t have an accessible curve.

Can anyone help?
Thank u in advance

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Hey @Stefano85,

Have you checked, if you have any output from the points list of the Clockwork node? Flanges are not line-based elements :slight_smile:

Edit: Example:

Hey @MartinSpence ,

Yes I did and notice that there are points, and no i did not know flanges were not line based.
But with the nodes i have so far, the Curve.PointAtParameter input only recognizes Curves.
I tried feeding the BoundingBox.Contains the point from the Clockwork node that came out with an empty list.

Thank you for your responce! :smile:

Have you tried something like this?

Yes that work perfect, thank you!

The BoundingBox.Contains was very happy :smile:
The List.FilterByBoolMask not so much…

Still a work in progress, so on to the next problem :smile: