Possible to find points within bounding box?

Wizards, I have come across a situation where I am hoping to find a way to get points within a bounding box. If I use BoundingBox.elements inside I can retrieve lines easily. Though, when inputting a list of just the line individual start or end points the node does not work. Is there a way to retrieve individual points inside a bounding box? I ultimately would like to input a list of points and find which points are in which bounding box(if I have several).

Post your dyn file, please.

The node BoundingBox.Contains accepts points. If you are trying many points and many boxes the GroupByKey node should help


@Vladimir here is portion of script which works for when a line is being inputting into the BoundingBox.GetElementsInside node.

Though when inputting the start or end points the BoundingBox node errors.

try this


You can’t input Points to BoundingBox.GetElemetsInside. Elements is a Revit instances(walls, ModelCurves, etc.) but not a Dynamo Points. Use BoundingBox.Contains.