How to get a point data of the room corner

I would like to get a point list (x, y, z) at all corner in a room. Please refer the following image. Could tell me how to get it? What code should I use for this?


@rishibashi What have you tried so far?

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I have tried to get the points list at end of the wall edge. Then, I calculated the point using the point list and wall thickness. However, I couldn’t clarify which point is which wall edge. if I can figure out exact location of which wall, I result this issue.

@rishibashi Please post your dyn (or a link) and some screenshots

As @salvatoredragotta said, to get the most out of our help on the forums, you need to show what you have tried so far, where you are stuck, or what hasn’t worked. If you need a place to start, there is a node called Room.Boundaries inside the clockwork package that will get you the outside curves of a room. From there, it is easy to get the points using one of the geometry nodes.


I learned the rule of this forum. I apologize for my useless topic. However, “kennyb6” resolve my question. It helps me. i will tried to prepare a good topic next time. Thank you for your teaching.


It’s no problem, we just want to make sure you can get the most out of the forums and its members, while also learning this program. I’m glad you got the info you needed. Hope you don’t feel discouraged from posting again, as it is always better to have more people coming together.