Getting Sheets with Sheet Number starting with "ABC_"

Hi all,

Does anybody know how to get sheets that starts with a particular string?

Say, I have sheets intended to be submitted to authority ABC and numbered them ABC-101, ABC-102, and so on.

Now, I need to apply revision to all these sheets at once.

First step would be to get all the sheets that start with “ABC-”.

But I am stuck here.

I am very new to Dynamo and any help would be greatly appreciated. I have tried for almost an hour now to no luck.

Thanks all.


Might there be cases where the name would contain ABC- but not at the start so you wouldn’t want to have it? Because if that’s never the case it’d be quite a bit easier.

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Hello. If you are new to Dynamo, a great thing to check out first would be the Dynamo Primer. It will help you get started on making graphs.

The first step you would probably want to do would be to get all the sheets. Once you have all the sheets, you can filter if the name/number contains what you want, in this case “ABC”. Something like this:

As @PauLtus said, it really depends on what your naming convention will actually be. This is the easiest case scenario.


Thanks for your replies.

You’re right, I need to familiarize myself with Dynamo and the nodes… but in the meantime, I will try kennyb6’s suggestion.

Thank you!

This is the kind of thing you should be expecting when it does matter whether the “ABC-” is at the start.

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The String.StartsWith node might be easier than dealing with List.Map nodes.


Yeah it would, and not just a little. I didn’t even know that one existed.
But here we go:

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Hi all,

Thanks for all your inputs. I started adding revisions but I am encountering issues as well.
I posted it in the topic from the link below, if anyone of you wants to help out on this too. Thank you so much!