Getting Excel Sheet Numbers To Match Up With Model Elements

I have a question about how to get excel data to match up with specific model elements based on a parameter. My problem is I have a list of sheet numbers in excel that I need to match up to their model element, for example I need to get Excel Sheet Number 4.01 to select sheet model element 4.01. Please see attached image for information. I know i am really close but I am missing something. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.

Use “==” node to get booleans and then use FilterbyBoolMask, connect as list from sheets and booleans from “==” node.

I did what you suggested, however it only returned the first four sheets since they equaled each other but it did not match up the rest of the sheets. See Image.

You have to change levels… Take a look:

I tried that, now i only get one true value. Which one of your code blocks was the excel data and which one was the model data. attached is the image of the results.

It seems every time I run the boolmask it only pulls the top 15 items from the model sheet list, and not the actual matching data.

There are other true values. Use List.Flatten and get input from “in” of FilterByBoolMask.

That did it, Thank you so much.

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