How to select sheets by a list?


I trying to select the sheet number is A101 or A103 from the model. why the code block is not work?

I also trying to use a excel to create a list for the sheets. how to use a list to replace the code block?


Thank you guys, my problem is solved.

the “List.Equals” code’s lacing is longest.

If you use a boolean operator in a code block, the values will be handled as booleans. If you open the preview of the code block, it just sends true, because true or true = true.
Use something like this for this filtering:

Don’t forget to set the lacing to Cross product on the == node. More info about lacing in the primer:

This solution also solves your second problem, as in this example I replaced your codeblock with a simple list.

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As @infeeeee mentioned, you don’t have a complete condition in your conditional code block. You need a variable to check against those values.

num == "A101" || num == "A103";

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