Filter Rooms from linked model by room numbers from excel sheet

HI everyone I have a problem which i really need help with. the thing is I have a sheet excel contains rooms Numbers and Names which like 175 room. In the other hand I have the linked model which has 940 rooms. I want to select these rooms 175 from the linked model. And i don’t know how to filter. thanks alot


If both the lists contains strings you can easily use the node List.Contains to get a boolean list.
After that you can use the node List.FilterByBoolMask to get the elements with the obtained boolean list.

Hope it helps!

No. that is the thing the rooms from linked model is model elements and the data from excel is strings. that is the tricky part i guess. I need to select the rooms (model elements) based on the strings which in relies in the excel sheet. @diogoo21

ok, understand! you can use the list.contains with the room number (“string”) and the use the list of elements “rooms” in the list.filterbybool.

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Nice it worked thank you. :slight_smile: @diogoo21. I went far away while the solution is simple.

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