How to re-order excel list to match door mark

Hi all,

I tried to find answer on forum, I intend to match the door mark to the data input from excel, but hit a wall, can anyone point me to the right direction, thanks in advance !

below is my screenshot

Match? Do you mean you want to replace the current Revit numbers with the numbers from excel?

My first question is, are you generating an excel file, or at least the contents of that file from your revit model? If so, I would recommend ALWAYS copying the Element ID into the list. This makes data matching between Excel and Revit so much easier. If Elements get orphaned, there are ways around that too…but that is another post.

For this case, I think you will want to use the List.Map and feed the First.IndexOf into the function.

I can’t tell you which list goes where…it depends on which index you want to pull (either from excel or from revit, but I assume it is from Excel.) In that case, you only need to see the list length to determine which set of indexes belongs to which set of lists.

Otherwise, you could use an “==” Equal node and set the level of one of the inputs to @1.

Then find the first index of true…I think that works.

My brain is too small to understand which input needs to be set to @1. Like I said, you just need to review the lists lengths to be certain.

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Thank you for the suggesting element ID , I will give it a go on that and update again

thank you all

Just to be clear, I am talking about the Revit ElementID and not the GUID.

You will need the archi-lab package to select model elements by ID.


I have tried the method you suggest, it worked, apparently i was feeding the wrong filtered revit data to match excel. One good thing without using element Id is I have changed some of the doors , so it will be easier to match door mark instead of element ID, really appreciate your guidance, helped me to clear my head. This forum is cool :slight_smile: