Getting Catchment Flowline Coordinates for Label Creation

I’d like to create a dynamo script to add spot elevations labels at points along a catchment flow line. Specifically, the start and end points of each flow segment. However, since the flow segment of a catchment is some sort of…sub-object? within the catchment object I’m not sure how to go about getting this information.

I don’t mind watching tutorials or reading wiki pages if someone would be kind enough to point me in the right direction. Thanks!

Hi @rpriceAZEG6,

Check out the Camber package. There are lots of nodes for Catchment Groups, Catchments, and labels.

Once I have the coordinate info, this package will be invaluable!

I don’t see a function or process for getting the flowpath coordinates within the package, though.

Flow Paths and Flow Segments are not exposed very much in the API, so that’s why I haven’t made any nodes for them yet. Currently you can get the start and end points of the overall flow path using the Catchment.HydrologicallyMostDistantPoint and Catchment.DischargePoint nodes.

Thanks! This is good to know.