Dynamo Civil 3D Nodes for Reading Object Label/MText/Text


I am currently working on a project where it would be beneficial the get a printout in excel of information that is contained in Civil 3D labels. The Civil 3D labels are for a series of Catchments that contain the Catchment name and the area of each Catchment. I will list the options I came up with below:

  1. Export Catchment information from Civil 3D to Excel using Dynamo. (I am not sure this is actually possible as it appears that their isn’t a lot of exposure in the API for Catchments)
  2. Use the Civil 3D labels that are attached to the Catchments to get the information I need out of Civil 3D and into Excel.

Option 2 seems like the path I would need to take. My plan was to try and explode those labels down to text and then use Dynamo to grab the portions of the text I am interested in (Name/Area). I could then organize this text into a couple of lists that would be sent out to Excel.

I am not seeing any nodes that would allow me to read/organize this MText (or Text depending on how far I explode the labels). If anyone else has any experience working with text in Dynamo I would love to hear some further options.

Thanks in Advance!

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Hi @hestingjj,

Option 1 is definitely doable. There were several new updates to the API in 2021.1 with a lot of added exposure for catchments.

I’d avoid option 2, but here are some examples for future reference.

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Thank you I will start taking a look at that!

Thanks for the reply. I get a warning when I attempt to sort the Dictionary on the selected Catchment. Additionally, The Area2d component returns null for me, but the Catchment 2D area in C3D is 0.33 acres. Do you think I am running a different version than you are? See attached image.

Got it to run without warning. Needed to use Select Object instead of Select Objects. Still appears that I am not able to get the same parameter as what you are showing on your original screenshot. I am running C3D 2021.

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@hestingjj what object did you select?

A catchment I created and named SD01-01

Check the temp folder for a Autodesk.Civil3DToolkit.log and look for errors

Here is another attempt.

you need to show me the log

can you point me to that folder?

read above

I searched not only the temp folder, but couldn’t find a log file for this on my hard drive.

If the file is missing it means that it did not trigger any exceptions in the code, so you are on your own.

there isn’t a log file in the temp folder is what I was trying to say.

I understood, can’t help you then

wow cool thanks for the heads up about the new catchment api! hopefully some new nodes show up in the c3d tool kit someday :wink:

I just tried this and works for me, maybe you need the 2021.1.1 C3D update to get it to work?