Finding Label Stations in Civil3d and Camber

Is it possible to get the stations from each instance of a profileview label?
I’m. Struggling to find the correct node to supply the output nodes with correct input. maybe I’m just not finding it.

Hi @mike.carson,

The nodes on the left are for the label style, and the nodes on the right are for the labels themselves. If you create labels using Dynamo, then you should have a list of the labels that were created that can be the inputs for the nodes on the right. If the labels already exist and you need to gather them, then I suggest using an All Objects on Layer node (assuming all the labels are on the same layer) followed by a Convert to Camber Object node.

Thank you for you reply. I am working on your suggested graph. Something in you reply got me wondering if Labels creates by Civil3d and not by Dynamo would not be accessible, is this correct? Let me describe what i am trying to accomplish. I would like to create a list with the stationing information based on the Civil3d Profileview Station Elevation label style(s) for export to Excel. to create a schedule similar to this one. Is this possible with Dynamo? The Sandbox3 profile shows the labels and the Event list shows the result I’m trying for. As of now the event list is hand entered into Excel.


EVENT LIST.pdf (50.8 KB)
SandBox3 Model (1).pdf (90.6 KB)

Quick example with labels that already exist.