Get rooms in linked file

I am trying to get rooms from a linked model. It should be pretty straight foward and has been dicussed a few times already:

But I’m just getting null. Any ideas as to why this would be the case?

Try this.

PS Just realised you pass elements instead of category: delete “all elements of category”


Ahh thanks. rookie error

Hi guys,
@Tomasz_Puchala is there an easy way to extend this script to get rooms from several linked files?

I have used the Springs.Collector.LinkedInstanceElements but that seems to work with one linked instance at the time?


HI @Andrea_Botti , and happy anniversary :slight_smile:
it seems to work in a straight forward way :

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@Mostafa_El_Ayoubi thank you very much for your reply. However, I do not get the two-tiered list you get. Do you have any advice on why that could be?


I had the same problem but when I set the LinkInstance input’s listing to ‘Use Levels’ (at L1) and ‘Keep List Structure’ it pulled all rooms.

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Has anyone then taken this information and written it into a parameter in your working file? I am trying to do that without any such luck.


Sorry I’m late to the party but will this script for coppying and pasting rooms from a linked file work if there are no separation lines in the linked file?