Get window location as curve

Hi, is it possible to get a window location as a curve so I can offset a point from its axis? I think a way would be to get the windows end points and create a curve or line? Maybe get the geometry or bounding box and average that into a line or something? Or is a window not inserted with an axis dynamo can pick up to offset the line from its location point.

The graph im showing is what ive used with walls to offset the point

Hi vanman, windows in the model are family instances that are placed by point, so as you have checked in the graph.
I think using the BoundingBox is the way to go to get your desired line.

how do I get the line from bounding box? :thinking: :sweat_smile:

im sure its somthing to do with this. Just trying to figure out why the planes not working and what normal is

looks like getting the hosted element of the window was easiest to use the wall to get the line :slight_smile:

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