Civil 3D components into Revit

So I have Dynamo for Civil3D 2020 and Dynamo for Revit 2020 installed on my machine. Is there a way to combine the libraries into Dynamo for Revit so I can change stuff in Revit based on data from my Civil 3D file. I’m just starting to look into using Dynamo so maybe this is easy and I just missed it.

Not really, but kinda.

The Remember node in Refinery (here) allows for this to some extent. Data pulled from C3D into Revit can be remembered in the Remember node, and the same graph opened up and run in Dynamo for Revit to move the data into the Revit file by normal methods. You could also write the geometry data into another location, such an sat or stl file, and other data into another intermediary such as a xls or csv.

The other option is to use the civil connector, which has a bit more capacity but requires a bit more instruction then I can give here. See here for more info.