Get "Type Image" parameter from families?

I have a large number of Detail Item families for schematic symbols, that also have a corresponding Type Image of themselves (So that they can be scheduled in an automatic Key/Legend showing what the symbols are) and im trying to access the Type Image parameter with Dynamo.

It doesnt show up in element.parameters, only “Image” which is the instance version.
Using get parameter by name with “Type Image” doesnt give an error but returns an empty list.

Is there any way to access this? I actually just need to know if a family type has an image or not and dont need to get the image itself.

Are you sure you’re querying the family type for this parameter? Works fine on my end…

Ah, thanks. My mistake. Forgot that type parameters dont show up in element.parameters…

Seems a bit illogical to me that you cant query a type parameter from an element, if the parameter name exists then that ought to be implied, no?