Family vs Type

I’m getting slightly confused here

The goal is to retrieve ALL types of a specific Family. You would think that a simple Family node exist but :slight_smile:
So i moved to all Elements of categories . That gets me a series of family instance which one of the parameter is… Family. But when trying to retrieve that value (to later filter) you end up with… Family Type :X, Family: Y…

So I’m like "Ok no big deal, let’s go the Instance way with FamilyInstance.Type… which also returns Family Type :X, Family: Y…

I reverted to a custom node but did i miss something. It can’t be that complicated to simply select all families in a project no?

Ok, FamilyInstance.Type then you get Family Name and you have it… too much gymnastic if you ask me :slight_smile:

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Hello, I’m new to dynamo and this forum and mayby some of the members here can help me out to solve a problem with extracting TYPE parameters from window familys from a filtered list using list.filterByBoolmask.

The filtering is no problem and once filtered then i made a list of the only unique items.

The problem now is how to read out an type parameter (offset_binnenblad_links) from filtered list of all those the familys…

Any help is appreciated

window filter by name

You are filtering the string values not the elements. Try this:


[ solution]
Thanks for the quick reply, that worked!

Great! Please mark it as a solution for future visitors to reference. :smile:

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