Family Type Set Parameter Value By name

Ok, so i have a Family Type Parameter inside another Family
I Can’t set it’s parameters through dynamo.

I can get these family types inside dynamo, however, i can’t set it’s Parameters

it depends what you feed into Element.SetParameterByName

If you feed in a family type- then it will set type parameters.
To do this, you probably need an Element.Type node beforehand i.e to get the family type.

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i don’t get it. Could you please give me a practical example?

If this helps you, i keep getting this erros
Warning: Element.SetParameterByName operation failed.
No parameter found by that name.

The parameters are project parameters, they are not inside the family, i already tryed changing it… but nothing happened

can you post your Dynamo graph and family

It depends how the family is structured with nested families and if the parameters are associated.
If it is just a plain nested family, you might not be able to set the type parameters of the nested family

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Hi @ramoon.bandeira

Some basics to follow if you want others to help you:

  • Show complete graph with all the previews visible.
  • Expand error messages if you had any.
  • Drop relevant files if others need. If you can’t drop then give them atleast dummy files so that they can have closer look at your issue.
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I’ll send the family and the graph to all of those who are interested in it through private message. Unfortunately, the project and the graph are private, i can’t make it public.

Just posted the links via private message to you guys

@ramoon.bandeira Can you create a dummy revit file and post to everyone?

Well, here it is… in order to make the graph, you need to select the panel board first
Revit 2018.1 and Dynamo 1.3.3, if anyone asks.
Criação do Diagrama Unifilar.dyn (99.5 KB)

@ramoon.bandeira Could you give me access to the folder?

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I made it public. Can you confirm you get acess to it?
Thank you!

Well, i managed to find the solution…
it seems to me that i can’t set an instance parameter of a nested family.
So what i did was: Created 80 new Types for the Family “Disjuntores”,
and with that, i could select the proper circuit breaker for the Panel.
I know that this will cause the family to have a really large weight… and in large projects it will turn it impractible, however, that’s the solution i could get for now