Get stick symbol location line (beams) aka Beam 3d Center line

I am trying to get the “Stick Symbol Location” line (set on Center of Geometry) of a beam and import it as a model line into Revit.

The node Structural.Framing.Location its not what I need because takes the line on the reference plan where the beam its, and not is center line.

In a nutshell: I would like to get the 3d center line of beam

any ideas?

Cheers all.

Hi @simoneavellini

Are you looking for center line?

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Yes, but unfortunately I think that works just for straight elements.

I have curved beams, I would like to have this curve:

Try using Element.Location node from clockwork package.

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Nope, still taking the same the line used to generate the arc.


Use “Element.Geometry+” from SpringNodes Package. What you are trying to get is the “Coarse” level geometry of the beam I think. See image below:

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Yes! that`s what I am looking for!
Which version of SpringNodes do I need?
I am using Dynamo on Revit 2016 + Spring nodes 110.0.2 and can not find “element.Geometry+”

Many thanks again

Hi @simoneavellini

There is a slight correction here “Element.Geometry+” is from clockwork package. I think @Ben_Osborne by mistake mention spring nodes.

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Yes - It appears i was wrong on the package. Spring Nodes has many other nodes that end with “+” so i assumed Element.Geometry+ was also Spring Nodes. It is Clockwork v1.0.2



@Ben_Osborne @simoneavellini I believe this post is old now but it’s worth a try.

I’ve been trying to extract 3D bounded curve geometry of beam centerlines from curved beams following this but the output of the geometry is still solid geometry.

The model line (in bottom green) represents the current element location - what I would like to extract is actual centerline of the geometry.

Any advice will be appreciated.

Hi Giovanni,

A possible workaround would be to set the analytical curve to the Center of Element and then extract that instead of the location curve.


Thank for your advice in advance, but I wonder that where I can find the “DetailLevel.Coarse” component that you mentioned because I can not find in the clockwork package. So far I only can find the component which is similar to DetailLevel but it did not work.

Moreover, I also would like to know how can I use the output data of dictionary from the Element.Geometry so that can get the central line of the beam like your picture.